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Top 10 Haunted Places In Illinois

Top 10 Haunted Places In Illinois
News Tribune - North Central, IL USA
October 2008
By Tiffany Wasilewski - Word Contributor

It’s Halloween and you know what that means, time for ghosts. Some people believe in ghosts and some people don’t. Well, for all you believers out there, here are the top 10 most haunted places in Illinois.

#10: Oak Hill Cemetery in Utica
It has been said that if you stand near the mausoleum in the cemetery and listen carefully you can hear voices.

#9: Cumberland Cemetery in Wenona
It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. There are hundreds of ghost stories, but the most famous is the “Headless Woman.” The story is that her husband got jealous and cut her head off on a stump in the cemetery and now she roams around it.

#8: Spook Road in Ottawa
Supposedly if you go on this road you can hear noises and see ghosts walking towards you.

#7: Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago
It has the ghost “Resurrection Mary.” The story behind her is that one day when she was by the entrance of the cemetery she was hit by a car and was killed. Now, she will appear and then disappear right before your car is about to hit her.

#6: Lincoln Theater in Decatur
The “One-Armed Red” has been seen and heard here. He was a stagehand at the theater during the days of live performances. He loved the theater and was always there while he was alive. He dreamed of becoming a performer. One night he was working on the catwalks, which were 75 feet above the stage, and he fell. When he fell his arm hit a hook and it was torn from his body. And now he haunts the theater in which he died.

#5: Wedron Bridge in Ottawa
This bridge is next to La Salle County Asylum. The story is that if you drive onto the bridge, park your car, and turn it off for five minutes, a semi will pull up behind you and your car won’t start. But right before the semi is going to hit you the car will start and the semi will disappear.

#4: Hull House in Chicago
You can sometimes see the “Devil Baby” in the attic window. Also, when you take pictures, you see figures when you get them developed.

#3: McPike Mansion in Alton
A long time ago the man who owned the house would capture free slaves and then sell them back into slavery. While they were at his house, he would keep them in the attic. He would beat them up there and many of them died. Let’s just say they never left, because sometimes when you go in the house you can feel them touch you and you can see them.

#2: Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur
This is the most haunted cemetery in Illinois. It’s the home of the “Greenwood Bride” who is frequently seen and heard weeping. Also, in the Civil War section of the cemetery, the Confederate soldiers have been seen roaming around, and they sometimes confront people.

#1: Bachelor’s Grove in Midlothian, a suburb of Chicago
This cemetery was never haunted until some people came and vandalized the cemetery. Now there are noises and sightings, even flashing red lights. People always see ghosts in this cemetery.

Now, are you brave enough to go to any of these places?

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Tiffany Wasilewski is a senior at Ottawa Township High School.