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Two Found Guilty Of Hate Crime

Two Found Guilty Of Hate Crime
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL USA
May 23, 1992

Credit to Stacy McArdle of for sending in this material.

Two south suburban men have been found guilty of robbing and severely beating a man in what authorities described as a gay-bashing hate crime.

Michael Mullennix, 28, of Dixmoor and Gregory Landini, 33, of Midlothian were convicted Wednesday by Associate Judge Frank Meekins after a 2-day bench trial. Prosecutors said the two men went to Bachelor Grove Woods Forest Preserve in May 1990 with the intent to assault homosexuals.

They could face 8 to 30 years in jail when they are sentenced July 6.

The victim testified that Mullennix punched him, and when he tried to run he was tackled by Landini, who shoved a pointed stick into his ear, puncturing an eardrum.

Mullennix then took $105 from the victim's car, authorities said.