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Vandals Damage Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Vandals Damage Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
Blue Island Sun-Standard
April 3, 1958

Extensive damage to many markers and monuments in the more than a century old Bachelor's Grove cemetery at Midlothian Turnpike and 143rd st has been noted by the trustees.

Some of the smaller markers have been pulled up and scattered. Some of the larger old stones have been chopped off and deliberately broken.

The vandalism occurred only recently, Arthur A Fulton 4445 W 142nd st, a trustee said that the trustees would try to arrange for the picking up of the scattered headstones as well as they can.

Much of the damage is irreparable.

Many Blue Islanders have relatives buried there.

The cemetery is still in active use. There is at least 200 graves there, some of them a century or more old.