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What's Beside That Tombstone?

What's Beside That Tombstone?
Chicago Sun-Times
October 25, 1984
Jayne Clark

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society for sending in this material.

By day he is a 23-year-old engineer from Riverdale. By night he is a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. His name is Norman Basile. His hobby: the unexplained. His opinion of what is the most haunted area of the suburbs: the old Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in unincorporated Cook County near Midlothian. It's strictly major league.

"I've seen streaking red lights. A month and a half ago, I saw an apparition standing by a tree. It was a yellow figure, a man with a hat, probably in his 40s," Basile says, adding that he took a picture of the image on 1000-speed film. "The trees were blowing around me while the trees outside the cemetery were still."