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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

© 2010 T.C. Leonard - www.helium.com

In the woodlands of Midlothian
Near Chicago, Illinois
There's a dark, deserted graveyard
That the weak of heart avoid

In a long-forgotten era
Small-time hoodlums met their fate,
And the mobsters dumped their bodies
Near the cemetery gate

Weeds have long since choked the lawn,
As the tombstones tumbled down,
But the spirits rested silently
Until the vandals came around

And whether it be satanists,
Ghost hunters...or the bored
They awoke once restful spirits,
And they will not be ignored

They show themselves as orbs or mists,
Daring brave hearts not to flee
Or announce themselves on Frank's Box
In the form of EVP

There's an old and frightening photo
Of a young lady, sitting down
Her lower legs invisible
And her feet don't touch the ground

The man behind the camera
Had no idea what he'd caught
No rester occupied the bench
At the moment of the shot

For the seekers and the hunters
Therein lies a treasure trove
But ameteurs like you and I
Best beware of Bachelor's Grove.