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Frank DelNagro

© 2012 Dan (private)

Sent in via email September 21, 2012

My name is Dan ******* and I'm contacting you because I just discovered your website today. In a conversation over lunch today Bachelors Grove became a topic. Having visited there many times in my teens, I quickly Googled Bachelors Grove on my phone.

The Forest Ranger in the photos (1966) happens to be my grandfather!!! He is my late mother's (Kathryn) father. He was my confirmation sponsor and I took his name (Francis) The last name is actually spelled (DelNagro). Needless to say, I was shocked and excited to see his picture. I have already contacted many family members who might not have ever seen these pictures. So far, no one has, including my Aunt, his youngest daughter.

I was born in 1961 and when we were kids he worked out of the ranger station at Wampum Lake in Thornton. We would go with my grandmother on weekends to pick him up there. He would drive us around Wampum, Jurgensen and Sweet woods before heading home. Great times for us kids back then!

I just wanted to thank you for posting a great memory for me and my family! I've been through all of the older galleries and see that there are no more of my grandfather posted. If by chance any more pictures of him are out there, we would love to see them. Or if you might know, through the source of these photos, where others from his Forest Ranger days might be, I would love to explore the possibility of finding them. If not, then we'll just enjoy these!

Thanks again for making my day! The rest of my family feels the same way.


Dan *******

Frank DelNagro