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Horse & Dog Removed From Cemetery

This afternoon (1/25/03), my fiance & I drove past Bachelor's Grove. We noticed about 5 cop cars on Midlothian Turnpike right outside of the entrance to the path leading to the cemetery. We thought it strange. This was about 1:30. About 3:30 on our way back we saw about 7-8 cop cars. This time there were also a few ambulances. One was on the scene, along with a fire truck. One ambulance just left the scene. There was also an Animal Welfare League van. While passing over the "lake" you could see back towards the cemetery. From the road, you were able to see the fence of the cemetery. Inside the fence I saw a number of people (cops) and a large backhoe (dirt mover). By the time we were going home (8:00 PM) everyone was gone. I was just writing in hopes that someone might have some idea of what was going on. We watched the news thinking something might be mentioned, but it wasn't. Any ideas?


My dad works for Crestwood Public Works & he ran into one of the firemen on the scene from last weekend. This is what happened: A woman was riding her horse in the forest preserve. She was right near the cemetery. Her horse stumbled then bucked, knocking her off of the horse. The horse then took off running. Sad to say, her dog was attached to the saddle. When the horse took off running, it ended up dragging and sufficating the dog. (so sad). The horse then fell and broke its leg.

Animal Welfare was out there to put the horse down. The large machine I saw out was used to lift the horse out of the cemetery.

How sad. The woman lost her horse and her dog in Bachelors Grove.


Via police radio traffic per monitoring by www.bachelorsgrove.com

Confirmation of the horse incident verified through police radio traffic. Assistance from Chicago Ridge Animal Welfare was also heard as being requested.