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Picnic Bench 2

This location was used for some of the first Memories of Bachelors Grove videos created by Pete Crapia, founder of the Bachelors Grove Cemetery & Settlement Research Center. If you look carefully you can see the cemetery in the background.

Google automagically created the video below all by itself from a few other videos Pete made related to Bachelors Grove cemetery. The shot of his feet was from a test clip for something and it got mixed in by accident. The power of Google is power to the people.

The fire at the end was part of an unpublished clip as to where Pete would sit peacefully at this picnic table overlooking the cemetery. It now represents a symbol of Rest In Peace due to the area being vandalized by Karl Kochmann, butt-hurt ex-volunteer of the Grove Restoration Project.

This area no longer exists for the enjoyment of the public, does the madness ever end? Shame on Karl, the bad man with a happy dance that left his physical trademark evidence behind. Shame on Wendy, his girlfriend, for supporting his actions and letting the cat out of the bag on this vandalism.

Google Magic

Extended Memorial Service