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Chicago’s Top Five Most Haunted Spots - #1: Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Chicago’s Top Five Most Haunted Spots - #1: Bachelors Grove Cemetery
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October 28, 2010

With Halloween just a couple days away, we have arrived at Chicago’s—and perhaps the nation’s—most haunted spot.

Story: In days gone by, Bachelors Grove was a quiet spot where some would go to mourn those resting at the cemetery and where others would go and celebrate the lives of those buried there: perhaps taking a picnic to the banks of the quarry pond and, in warmer weather, taking a swim. Today, Bachelors Grove is a forgotten, lonely, and ransacked cemetery. Since the 60s and 70s, the graves have been vandalized, stolen, and trashed. The chainlink fence has been broken and the cemetery desecrated.

Paranormal Activity: There have been many reports of blue orbs that dart around the cemetery (blue makes them especially interesting, as most orbs that are witnessed are white or yellow). People driving on the Midlothian Turnpike have also witnessed phantom cars—an older model car—that will either be parked at the side of the road or at the entrance of the cemetery that evaporate as you pass by them. Others have seen figures and odd mists while visiting the cemetery.

Location: Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, just west of Cicero Avenue in Midlothian