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Coast To Coast AM - Friday The 13th Feature

Coast To Coast AM - Friday The 13th Feature
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June 13, 2003 - Internet Article
George Noory

Open Lines:

First Hour: Physicist James McCanney (website) will offer an update on a recent comet as well as make predictions for an intense hurricane season based on some factors that he has been tracking.

Open Lines:

Friday the 13th!

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Friday the 13th Feature: Cemetery Strangeness
By Pete C.

On Friday, October 13th 2000 (a full moon night) I was out with a film crew that was doing a documentary on Bachelors Grove cemetery near Chicago, Illinois. They invited me along because I run the main web site for this cemetery, so I agreed to go with them. That night I filmed a strange light which can be viewed at the link below.

Toward sunrise, while we were packing up to leave, I as well as another associate both saw some sort of black object about 5 feet in diameter dart across a portion of the cemetery. We were both in the middle of a discussion at the time so when it passed us by we both went silent; then stared at each other while almost at the same time said "did you see that?"

Unfortunately we had all of our cameras packed up at that moment so nothing was ready to capture it. But at least the video camera was able to capture something of a paranormal nature earlier that night. Click here to view. (Note: The Ghost Research section of is also of interest to fans of the paranormal with orbs and mist photos documented to different headstones --ed.)

Video footage mentioned in the article.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Light witnessed at night using Sony night shot mode with infrared lights turned off. Light would fade and come back and was about a dozen feet in the air. Correct color of light unknown due to green effect of night shot mode.

Note: Light was predicted to show up through a pre cognitive event minutes before the light appears.

ARCHIVE NOTATION: A 5 foot black circular anomaly was witnessed visually at sunrise by two people under the three pine style trees.