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FM Radio Stations - 1936 to 1947

The following was extracted from the Federal Communications Commission

The first decade of FM broadcasting, starting in 1936 to 1946, occurred in the 42 - 50 MHz band. The frequency band was changed to the current 88 to 108 MHz band in 1946. FM stations operating in the old frequency band were required to move to the higher frequencies and most did so before 1948.

The early FM history cards in this folder came from a single microfiche sheet (#40) in the noncommercial educational FM history cards section. They include the experimental FM facilities constructed by Edwin H. Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio.

History cards were never intended to provide complete records for a station, but instead list transactions (permits, licenses, assignments, etc.) at the Commission with limited details and comments added. The cards available here are not a complete list of authorizations issued in the 1930s and 1940s.

The following radio stations are known to be in use on the 42 to 50 MHz band in the Chicago area.