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April 7th, when it was full moon, my friends and I went out there to see if this place was really haunted or not. When we walked down the path, my friend pointed out to me a light out on the deeper side of the woods. He faced me directly where it was showing; our words... "oh it's nothing, probably just porch light or something for a house". Then as we went into the cemetery, there was a deer struggling to get out(since we had came in). It was at the west end of the cemetery as we entered, trying to get out. We tried to getting closer, but it ran right past the pond entrance to the EAST end of the cemetery. Now what was strange is that after the deer had gone that way, we watched both entrances, and walked towards the east end. NO! sign of the deer. Freaked us out cause we know that deer didn't hop that fence because of its height and the barbwire. So the whole night we wandered around (BORED), trying to scare others. Though every time we were standing/walking/running back and forth down the path, something kept making us look back to down the path. We knew nothing was there; we thought the place as a joke, but it was as if something was triggering our reflexes to look down the path. I don't know why we kept looking; we weren't scared of anything except the lookout for deer because there was plenty that night. So we left around 1am. As soon as I got home, I read this book of haunted places in IL. Well supposedly for bachelors grove, there's a phantom house, and it specifically listed that people even see a burning lantern in a window. WHOA! Next thing you know we're back at Bachelors Grove, checking out whether or not the light was still there. It was... but this time it was very dim, like as if it was turned down or it was running low. About 4:30 in the morning and we're still just looking at this light. We had to stand completely motionless in order to see it. It was more as focusing on the light, but we had to concentrate on it, or we'd lose it. We were gonna head towards the light soon as sunrise, but, we were getting tired so we left. I don't know about all these people saying they see this stuff and makes them never come back, but we plan in the future to camp out and do some research on this. It's not only haunting, it's interesting.