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September 23, 2006

Back on October 15, 2004, my girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to take me to Bachelors Grove Cemetery, a week before my birthday, as one of my presents. I am really into the supernatural, so I was really excited about it. I even went and bought a digital voice recorder, and got out my digital camera. We left that saturday, at about 12:00p.m. I live about an hour and a half away, so I wanted to get as much out of this as possible. When we arrived, we parked across the street, in the forest preserve parking lot, then walked across the street (there is nowhere to park other then there, and if you try to park elsewhere, you will be towed, and get a ticket.) The walk from there is not very far, but as we got closer to the gate, it started to feel really odd. I turned on my recorder, and it would skip from 17 seconds, to 23. I kept it going, and we took a whole bunch of pictures. It was about 42 degrees that day, and it started raining, so we hurried it up, and took as many pictures as we could. While we were there, we noticed a really bizarre feeling of being watched, and I kept getting the feeling something was breathing down my neck. We decided to leave after being there about 20 minutes. It was creeping us out, and we were the only ones there. I left the recorder going till we got to the end of trail leaving the grounds. Once we got to the car, I replayed all of our footage. I almost literally had a heart attack at what I heard. I heard a voice whisper to get out, and other things, like at one point I said to my girlfriend, take a picture of me next to here. Then you hear, almost in a taunting manner, yes go ahead take a picture. The really freaky stuff started happening after we got home.

That night, (now keep in mind, I am extremely healthy, and I never get sick.) I felt perfect that day, and out of nowhere that night, I got a bad cough, and sore throat. There is no way possible, I could get that sick, for being in the cold, dressed as warm as I was, for 20 minutes. Anyway, the next morning, when my girlfriend came over, I was worse. I had a fever of about 101, and I had been having diarrhea. I was so sick, I could barely move. She brought her laptop over, and we viewed the pictures together. We got a lot of things on camera. We got a picture of a man by a fallen tree, a full body apparition of a woman floating, holding what looked to be flowers. Lots of other pictures were of faces, and white mists. After that ordeal, things got worse. About a month after that, we moved into an apartment together, and after only two months, we were in a car accident. A month after that, she lost her job for no reason, followed by me losing mine. No matter how many interviews we went on, we could not find a job! That whole year was bad luck. We got sick all the time with flu bugs, and had problems with our apartment. We lost our place after barely a year! We had to move in with my parents, and it was months before we found work again. I really believe the cemetery had something to with it, because before that, we were happy, and healthy. I will never go back there again. My friends want to, but I tell them they are nuts. There is something more to that place then people think. I never believed in curses, or anything like that, until that happened. Things have gotten a little better for us, but not perfect. It's been two years. I still have my voice recordings, and pictures, and I listen to the strange voices still. I show my pictures to people, and I have tried putting them on ghost sites, but they have never been displayed, like I hoped they would be. To all of you ghost hunters out there, I would highly recommend you never go there. That place is haunted, and a good find, but it's better to just leave those spirits in peace. They obviously don't want people there. Thank you for reading this.