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Aphaythea Owens

© 2009 Aphaythea Owens

I also saw the foundation once but I didn't see it on my way back to the cemetery. I had no idea it was anything special and had written it off as my just going in the wrong direction until I looked down and saw my own footprints so I knew then I had gone the that way. I mentioned it to another visitor I saw there and we went back to look, as they asked me to show them where I saw it. I was able to follow my prints the whole way (there was snow on the ground) couldn't find the spot again. It was very small but not so small as to be missed, even with the snow it had been obvious from several feet away.

On our way back, a branch broke as if it had been stepped on with a load crack. There was no way it could have happened by it's self. There was no wind and the branch had been about a half foot off the ground, we had both just stepped over it. I went and took a look and it was a clean break, no signs of wear or teeth marks from animals or anything.

Another time I went and took friends, we saw a glow under the (very clear) water in the pond that kept moving and we took a ton of pictures. In almost all of them there were mists and orbs. In one shot, a little girl is clearly visible, standing between two of my friends with her hand reaching up as if wanting someone to hold her hand. If I ever get a scanner, I'll put my pictures up here if I can do that. (haven't checked yet)

We went back one last time before I moved out of state (All our trips we in the daytime and only the second one was anytime near Halloween. The first one was in January and the last time I went it was summertime) and this time we took our dog, a pug. BIG MISTAKE. She was so upset by the time we reached the gate that she couldn't walk back to the car and we had to carry her violently shaking little body back and cover her with a blanket. We did not leave right away however, as it was a very long drive for us to get there (We came from Skokie which is the north side of Chicago.) but one by one the five of us began to freak out.

It was a super hot summer that year but we all were freezing cold. I had walked through cold spots before but never anything like this. It was as if starting at the trail head which was across the highway from where we parked, through the whole cemetery, and following all the paths passed the cemetery and all around the pond (which was like thick pea soup that day) the temperature dropped 50 degrees.

Every single picture we took that day came out completely blank but the tape recorder my friend had brought had the sound of a woman crying on it, the sounds of a horse in distress and the shouts of a man who seemed to be in a panic but his words were unclear.