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Bill Morton


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Bachelor’s Grove Investigation: Midlothian, Illinois

Saturday, April 11, 2009
Chilly, clear, about 40ºF
7 people: Bill, Nina, Amelia, Dani, Gabby, Brian, Lenny + Roger in getaway car

9:50 Dropped off at the side of the road near cemetery following a prayer said in the parking lot of a nearby Starbuck’s

Strong smell at beginning of path of fungus or mold

Walked perimeter of cemetery

10:00 Laid the bones to rest that were previously taken from the area on a different investigation

10:15 Large cold spot located in center of the cemetery, no headstones nearby, after Dani had been trying to communicate in German with the spirits and took an orb photo in that area; everyone confirmed the cold spot; Gabby noted that her flash had stopped working when she tried to photograph that particular area

Around the same time Bill’s camera and battery stopped operating properly

Around 10:30 Everyone generally calm, Dani noted a “creepy feeling” near the entrance to the cemetery while she was walking by herself; everyone convened after a while near entrance and also noted having a strange feeling, except for Gabby

Dani noted her camera battery had gone from no bars, to one bar, to two bars, and back to no bars of power throughout the investigation

General complaints of flash and batteries not working properly or fluctuating oddly

10:35 Left cemetery to follow a mysterious light that had appeared in the woods and at first appeared to everyone simultaneously to be the tall rectangular window in the second story of a house; we followed the light and watched it change shape, color, and luminosity until we discovered that it was the moon!*

10:45 Investigation ended

*Interesting to note, at our meeting on 4/17/09, others in the group confirmed a feeling of being lured out of the cemetery. We noted that we all left without protesting, did not discuss going back, and our ride happened to pull up at the exact time we were exiting the trail. We don’t doubt that we experienced a mass hallucination, but it is worth noting that we all confirmed the same type of hallucination and “trance-like” state.