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Brandon Oconnor

© 2006 Brandon Oconnor

Sent in via email November 28, 2006

My friends Eddie, Jess, and Bryan went to Bachelor's Grove at noon on Saturday, November 25, 2006. As we waled into the cemetary all of us had this eerie feeling of being watched. So we went trhough the cemetary for about 5 minuets and we decided to go through the forest. Anyway through about half an hour of wondering, we found two wells and the reamins of a house. After we say that we decided to go back to the cemetary, to see the "sinking grave". My friends told me the story about it, and went towrads the back of the cemetary. We went back there and we're looking around and my friend eddie says, "where's the king's grave?" after he said my friend tapped him on the shoulder, and they told bryan and I to look at our feet as we walked out, as we were leaving they told us to not look behind us. they told us not to run, but walk fast. After about quite a bit of fast walking, they said lets run. So we crossed the street to out car, and when we got in the car, we asked them how come they told us not to look at our feete or look back. Well when jess tapped Eddie on the shoulder, they both saw the old farmhouse, right where everyone says it is. Also as we were walking out, they said a black hooded man was following us. We all thought we say things, but we went on this sight and we read stories and saw pictures about the black hooded man. Later that day at 4 pm, it was now dusk, we went back, nothing happened but we snapped pictures and tapped a video and found orbs, a ghost family,and other ghostly anomaly. We plan to back there later next year.