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Sent in via email November 20, 2006

Ok well, I recently found out about the Bachelors Grove site a few days ago. After reading a little history on it, I noticed that somewhere on the site someone had mentioned that there have been a few reports of a horse-riding ghost down by the little pond. Well last night, around 11 pm, my friend Mike and 2 of his other friends went down for a night at Bachelors Grove in the hopes of getting something good on film/photo. They returned around 6 am the next day. But anywho, he and I were just going over some of their photos they got last night, and we came across a very eerie looking one. We uploaded it in image shack, here's the link: (link omitted)

That photo was taken by him near the pond. There is no image editing, there, and that cannot possibly be a glare or reflection. It could just be the fog, but if that were the case, there would be a lot more fog, and I have never seen fog in a figure such as that. There is also a little orb in the bottom right corner of the photo, along with some other sort of figure.