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Chris Fleming

October 18, 1999

Bachelors Grove, Midlothian, IL - Investigation with the Ghost Hunters Society

bg101899-1.mp3 - "Yes, I'm here"

bg101899-2.mp3 - "Who are you?"

bg101899-3.mp3 - Static during cold spots

bg101899-4.mp3 - "What.. do you want...this is Bachelors Grove Cemetery"


Ghost Hunters Society Investigation 1999
Chris Fleming -
September 18, 1999

Recorded on a General Electric microcassette recorder.
Model: 3-5329A
Media: Microcassette
Captured during an investigation with the Ghost Hunters Society and archived with permission.

TRANSCRIPT per Chris Fleming

"Right here, right here"

- Pause with general noise in the background

"Right here, you feel that?"

"Yea, I can feel it all around here."

- Brief normal voice states "shit" or something similar.

- Person holding recorder is walking toward the cold spot.

- Static noise is now fading in as the person holding the recorder is approaching the cold spot.

"There's a cold spot right here"

- Amplitude of static noise appears to be staying the same with some rising and falling fluctuations.

- unintelligible normal voices

"...right here, this one, (unintelligible normal voices)."

"It's moving..." - "No, we're not getting anything (unintelligible normal voices)"

- Static noise is fading fast and then can no longer be heard

- unintelligible normal voices

- unintelligible normal voices

- unintelligible normal voices

" tends to move, it won't stay in the same spot, cause the whole things movin. (unintelligible) was right here... "