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Chris Fleming

November 2, 1999

Bachelors Grove, Midlothian, IL - Investigation w/ WJOL The Bus 100.7 FM

bg11299-1.mp3 - Wierd Voice (Diff Language?)

bg11299-2.mp3 - "yep!"

bg11299-3.mp3 - "hang time?"

bg11299-4.mp3 - (Chris? you believe there are evil spirits here? No, I don't sense it at all...they're very curious) "Curious" (sound is behind my voice-very soft, mimic)

bg11299-5.mp3 - (what is your name?...T?) "Now they know my name"

bg11299-6.mp3 - (Do you want to ask any more questions?) "that was what I was gonna ask you!"

bg11299-6x.mp3 - (Well something) "You will not move it!"

bg11299-7.mp3 - ("I couldn't move it..."(talking) " works better with a female?") "Sure....I am"