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Chris, Mike and Jordan

© 2006 - Chris, Mike and Jordan (private)

Sent in via email August 14, 2006

so we went....and at was the scariest thing i have ever experienced....seeing what we saw couldnt be explained by a person doing it. we went around 5, and took a lot of pictures, and as soon as we are walking to going down the path that leads to the cemetery, immediate drop in temperature, we all felt heavy, light headed, scared, and felt like something was watching us, and we were like 600 ft. away from the cemetery. you could tell it was pure evil. these spirits have been bothered for a long time, we just aggravated them more. so then we take a lot pictures and walk around, just looking for stuff...and the whole time we felt like we were being watched until we walked out of the cemetery. and while we are taking pictures, our cameras kept saying that it had low battery, but when we would go to the car, they had full battery, our videocamera died right away, so that wasnt any help. we came back around 7:45 because this place was supposed to be the scariest at night. we went back and took some pictures, and all of them have orbs in was around 8:15 and we turned on our flashlight, and these rocker people came, so we grouped with them, and they wanted to go by the old moss graves and then go see the old well, where some girl supposedly drowned or something. now, at bachelors grove, theres pathes everywhere, and they all criss cross and stuff, so we all go to the well, and we start to see pieces of the house, me and my girlfriends cousin(there was 9 of us)saw the window panes of the house, then my girlfriend yells, i see the light! and were looking and sure enough, the lights from the house, the lantern, and the fire looked liked it was dancing, and it was very faint, we go to the well and as soon as we start to walk away, we start hearing childrens music, not like realtone music, it was something you would hear in a jack-in-the-box, or in one of those dolls you would press and would make music. i was like do you guys hear that, and the people with us were like, its probably an ice cream truck, its like 8:45 at night...i doubt that, then it stopped, so we start walking fast back through the trail back to the cemetery, and 5 seconds after the music stopped, it grew louder, and was on the side of us other than behind us as it was before, so were all freaking out...and we run across the stream my girlfriends other cousin is leading the way with the flashlight, so we all just start to regroup by the cemetery gates, and then we decided to stay for a couple minutes. we walk back in, and i took a couple of pictures, both had orbs in them, which i will upload. and then the 4 of the kids and jordan(cousin with flashlight) go to the famous place where the girl is sitting on the grave, and they took pictures, as they are doing that, me, my girlfriend, her younger cousin(mike)and one of the rocker kids stayed by the gates, and we were just talking, and we had that presence that something was watching us, so we all regrouped and 3 of the rocker kids start to walk to the fulton grave, and jordan(cousin) is leading and we went half way when is said, "is that a chic?" as jordan was moving his flashlight across the graveyard, and then he puts his light on the spot again, and i saw the faded little girl in the distance, and then i scream, "theres a f**king shadow moving!" and the kids walking to the grave stop, and they said its our shadows...but then i said no it isnt, and jordan kept the flashlight still, and everyone is still, and where the flashlight was and where i saw the shadow, you saw a like 6 ft. black humanoid, it was tall, and everyone screamed, and you saw it moving, and you could see everything about it, the hands the head, his body, but there wasn't a certain look to him, it was just a figure, and all of a sudden it darts up the path, and the weirdest thing, no sounds at all, no brush moving, no bugs making noise..nothing, so we sprint up the path, and everyone just keeps running until we are close to the street, we all got in a circle, and then jordan shines his light back to the cemetery, and you saw the figure run across the path, and no sound once again. so we said hell no are we going back. so we get in the car, and the younger cousin, mike, said did you see the girl sitting on the log, and i said the young girl? and he said yeah, the one in the plaid dress? and i had goosebmups, because i didn't say anything about the girl, i only asked if it was a we both saw it, and as far as going back, we are going back this week, and with new batteries and more flashlights

Chris, Mike, and Jordan