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Christopher Koladycz

© 2007 - Christopher Koladycz

Sent in via email January 28, 2007

Well everyone hears of stories of unexplainable acts and such. Well my story starts like this one day on December 17, 2006, me and my friends Matt, and Jimmy were bored, and I was looking around on the computer for ghost stories and such, and came across the bachelors grove stories. So I told Matt we should go check it out at night time, so we went around 2:30 am. When we got there we parked in some ones driveway, so we don’t have to walk to far. We got pumped up to go then we started off going slow towards the woods, and trail. Right when we enter the trail right away we hear weird sounds, and we all got some goose bumps. We went slowly but surely to the grave site. We go to the grave site and right away we see a candle light went on, and I swear on my life it wasn’t lit before we entered because we would have noticed it. Then we start walking around and seeing if we would encounter anything, and what we all saw was really freaky. We saw about 5-6 shadows just walking around far left to the grave site, we took a picture of the area. Then while we were there I wanted to hide some were, so they think were I went then pop out of know were to scare them. But while I was hiding behind a tree I felt like a strong wind hit me, and it was strong enough to push me back. It was really weird I never felt a wind this strong in my life. Then while I was freaked I left the tree and caught up wit Jimmy and Matt. They asked me were I went and I explained to them what had just happened and then we just walked around a little bit more nothing more was happening, so then we were leaving. When we got back on the trail we started to go back to the car, we were about half way back and then me and the others just stoped dead in our tracks and we couldn’t move no were like we were getting held back by a force. About 30 secs later we could move again. Then we ran back to the car and we went home.. We are thinking about going back there to camp out to see through it the whole day.... well I cant explain what happen but theres a lot of unexplainable things out there am just happy to expareince something like this..