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I have always been interested in ghost activity and have experienced it before, so when my older sister suggested we visit Bachelor's Grove Cemetery at around 3 in the morning, I was in. I had been there before in the daylight and nothing had happened, so I wasn't really expecting to see anything. According to local legend, orbs and ghostly touches are felt there.

When the three of us (my sister, her friend Julie and myself) arrived at the cemetery, everything was normal. We passed some others walking out of the wooded area, saying they had seen nothing. We kept on walking because the thrill of being caught by the cops was still in us.

We entered the cemetery and took a look around. It was much overgrown since the last time we were there and much more vandalized. Broken beer bottles and cigarette stubs were everywhere.

We noticed a headstone with three or four tea light candles on top of it and nothing else. We walked around a bit with my sister claiming to feel a touch on her neck and begging to leave. I thought nothing of it. I was thinking she was just playing a game with us. So we went along with it and walked to the gate. I looked at her and I could see her breath. Now, since it was 75 degrees that night, I was a bit curious. She got more freaked so we kept on walking. I looked to my left and saw these beautiful tall orange tiger lillies almost in bloom, and commented on how pretty they were to Julie. She agreed and we walked on.

When we passed the first headstone with the tea lights, we noticed something was placed in the middle, something that wasn't there only minutes before. It was one of the orange tiger lillies. I stared at it for a second and asked Julie if it had been there before. She shook her head. So we hurried out and my sister took a picture of Julie by the gate. In the flash I saw a figure standing beside Julie with his hands in his coat pockets. After the flash, Julie screamed, but the figure was gone. Julie said she felt someone brush her neck.

I keep wondering about that flower, and who was buried in that grave. No one else was there with us to put it there, and neither of the two girls I was with could have put it there either. And I'll never forget the image of the figure standing next to Julie with his hands in his pocket - the figure that was visible only during the instant of the flash.

Perhaps the legends of ghostly touches in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery aren't merely legends - but fact?