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Cook & Lake County Ghost Hunters

June 6, 2018

In July of 2011. Me and 3 other members of the group decided to plan a late night trip to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery located in Midlothian Illinois at 3am. We originally planned to enter undetected from the back part of the woods. That didn't work out as we were getting stuck between different branches and vines. A bat flew out of the trees in the darkness almost hitting one of my crew members. That's when we decided to exit the woods and risk entering from the main entrance on the Midlothian turnpike.

We decided to park our car in a residential neighborhood on a side street. From their we walked in the shadows all the way up the Midlothian turnpike as cars on and off passed us by in the darkness. When we reached the main path entrance another car was approaching us. We had to make a run onto the main path.

Once we reached it their was nothing but darkness and sounds of whatever was close to you moving in the woods. Once we reached the cemetery we see a fence appear on the right side of the trees. The path led us straight into the main cemetery entrance.

Once we walked inside we shined our flashlights to the right and seen 3 disfigured graves lined up in a pattern between a small path which leads you in a circle to every headstone in the cemetery. We felt changes in temperature by certain gravestones. You can hear the sounds of birds and bats flying above within the dark trees. When we reached the back of the cemetery their was a large headstone still standing and mounted into the ground.

Their was small headstones in front of it which one of them was written as Infant. People were leaving all kinds of children's toys and flowers their. Not far down the path was another cemetery entrance. The path turned into a small stairway that led us straight to the Bachelor's Grove Lagoon. That was were supposive Chicago Monsters use to dump bodies in off the turnpike

As we walked back into the cemetery we could hear the sounds of foot steps walking through the grass on the opposite side of the cemetery. Their was nobody back their but us. We felt like we were being watched all of a sudden. We started hearing splashing sounds and crying coming from the lagoon. It was too dark for us to see what it was even with flashlights. As we started walking out on the main path you can see that it was all lit up by moonlight.

As we got close to halfway we seen what appeared to be an older woman wearing a dress standing in the middle of the path looking directly at us. We suddenly stopped to get a closer look at her but she turned around faded and then disappeared into the darkness of the secluded woods. It seemed like she was their to warn us not to come back because we were disturbing the peace of bachelor's grove. That was the most scariest experience that we documented from their. This was our noted experience visiting bachelor's grove cemetery at night for the first time.