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Dawn Kloss

© ? - Dawn Kloss

Back in the 80's my sister and i went there during the day and noticed some odd things. not paranormal but odd. we saw a group of little boys and 2 men playing a game like duck duck goose or something to that effect. we could see them, but could not hear what they were doing or saying. it was very odd. it was around 11 am and we couldn't understand what they were doing or where they came from. we continued to walk around for a bit more but when we turned around to watch them again, they were gone.

Then about a couple of years ago, my mother and i went to visit the graveyard during the afternoon in the summer. one thing was very obvious as we walked down the path towards the graves.....there was not one bird chirping, not one cicada buzzing, no bugs flying around...nothing. very still and very quiet. we proceeded to the graveyard and heard voices but could not make out what they were saying. i kept saying to my mother "what did you say"? and she would tell me that she wasn't saying a word, that she thought i was saying something. it was like a group of people talking--especially a little girl maybe?

Dawn Kloss