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Deborah Yager

Story sent in via email October 10, 2011

Hello Pete,

I was browsing your Bachelor's Grove website and felt compelled to share some experiences. I grew up in Oak Forest and my grandma and aunt would pick up my brother, sister and self on a Saturday and we would go adventuring. This was in the 70's, when you could still drive down the road.

On one occasion when we were there on a sunny summer afternoon, we were all just walking around looking at the tombstones, observing many broken and moved headstones, even some areas which looked to be dug up, we stumbled upon some stepping stones, which since we were young kids...10, 9 & 6, we repetetively were skipping and jumping around them. We all noticed this dead dried up looking thistle plant near the stepping stones that suddenly started shaking violently and then vanished into the ground at our feet. My aunt and grandma could not get us all out of there fast enough! Who knows what it was...could have been some animal under the ground...or something that did not like us running and skipping around on that sunny day. Either way it freaked us all out.

On another occasion, again with my siblings aunt, grandma and also great-aunt...we were driving down the road to Bachelor's Grove cemetary when several teenaged boys jumped out from the side of the road and were banging on and shaking our car and mooning us and acting all grandma, so cute, whips out her tiny pocket knife and starts tapping it on the window...all of a sudden they all ran and disappeared into the woods. My aunt of course drove to the police station to report the happening and the next thing we knew, they installed a chain-link fence around the whole cemetary!

One of the older neighborhood boys told us he and a friend camped out there over night once and experienced a blue glow in and above the water in the pond...which they referred to as the blue lady of the lake, I'm not sure if this story has any merit but I thought I would pass it along.

Kindest regards,

Deborah Yager

Hello Pete,

I'm so glad you enjoyed my stories! Well, I spoke to my Grandma and Aunt, they both think the car incident happened in about 1975 and yes we were driving down the actual small side road to Bachelor's Grove when it occurred, they both confirmed this as well. I am pretty sure we read about the fence installation in the newspaper and did see it on our next visit, probably was the following spring or summer.

As for the stones we were skipping on they were somewhere within the center of the cemetery and they were in an east/west (same direction as 143rd) placement near some dissheveled and broken head stones.

I am so sorry but unfortunately I don't believe we have any photos from those times, my Grandma said she will look though...she's so cute 95 years young and still as sharp as a tack!!!

Feel free to use any of the information I forwarded to you. Also if there are ever any restoration projects, my daughters and I would love to volunteer in any way we can.

Have a terrific week!


Deborah Yager