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Sent in via email October 14, 2006

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of Oak Lawn, IL for sending in this material.

I went out to Bachelor Grove cemetery Sept 30th of this yr and took some pictures. I'm not the type of person that goes looking for ghosts or haunted places, in fact I'm the one that always say I would never go to a known haunted place. So why I even agreed to go is beyond me still. My husband, daughter and I went out there and I took some pictures after looking around and cleaning up a bit of the trash there (you wouldn't believe how bad some people treat that cemetery). The weather was warm and sun was out at time of taking pictures. There was no fog or anyone smoking. I used a 35mm camera with regular 35mm film, the camera does not have time delay or any features like that. There were no other people around but my husband, daughter and myself also nothing that shows up on the film was seen by me or my husband. The film was 27 exposure and no more than 27 pictures were taken. I'm sending you three different pictures and I guess maybe I should say what I believ e I saw?

In picture ending with 002, is one I am not sure if it is a trick of the eyes or not, but if you look to the left pass the tree it appears to be a man standing, well walking really, on my own computer (not pictures I am sending you) I enlarged this picture to see if I could find what could make it appear as a man stood there, I couldn't.

In picture ending with 008 when I saw the mist I was amazed enough, but as I look further I noticed what seemed to be eyes and even a face, again there was no fog to be seen and a picture taken right before this one showed nothing.

The last picture ending in 013, had everyone at the photo shop talking, they even gave me a blow of it at no charge. In this picture you can see the mist again except it is larger and at the right top of the mist, it really does appear to be a face, eyes and all.

I don't know if I should tell how I felt or feelings at the time I took the pictures, I guess I should mention a few things when I took the picture ending in 008 I felt like a hand on my leg, but very soft and I dismissed that as weeds even through I was wearing pants. Also a few times it did feel like a cold draft, but I couldn't say if that happened at same time of the three photos. Well I guess that is about all.

Thank you for taking the time to look at these photos, I know that you must be very busy, especially at this time of the year.