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Gary Myzyri

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October 31, 2003

STORY CORRECTION/NOTATION: The cemetery is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Reference to the cemetery being federally protected land and a $1000 fine is incorrect.

Gary <myzyri@...> Re: the cops

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I was listening to US 99 (99.5 FM) on the way to school this morning and at 10:20 Lisa Dent was talking about Bachelor's Grove, how it's supposed ot be so haunted. She had a Forest Preserve Cop on who says he sits in the Grove all night during October and he'll be there tonight. He said he gave away 55 tickets last night, and has used up 11 ticket books this October. he has three ticket books already pre-written (except for name and time) for tonight. How about that?

Cool! I wish I could have heard that! I'd like to see if it's the same voice that I have on tape. The guy on tape, I believe, says he's a state cop. However, it's a bit garbled and even after being face to face with him in the cemetery no one was sure what the hell he was becuase it was too dark to read his arm patches. He chain smoked 2 cigarettes in less than 4 minutes, but the cherry on a cigarette doesn't throw off much light.

Anyway, we ran into the cop who sits in there all night during October. No one in the group got tickets, but that was earlier in October. It's entirely possible that as the holiday gets nearer, he starts doling out tickets. On another note, since everyone denied having ID's, maybe that's why we didn't get tickets. Or another possibility is that it was a big scare tactic and he said all that on the radio to try to scare people away from coming out to the cemetery tonight, thus making his job a tad bit easier this evening. HOWEVER, I won't be the one testing that theory. Better safe than sorry!! If anyone is ballsy enough to head out there tonight, you could always try to make a run for it. He's a chain smoker, so I doubt he'll be able to keep up with you.

He didn't happen to say what the fine was did he?

The transcript of the dialogue is posted as "OCTOBER 10TH NIGHT VISIT RESULTS." I'm desperately trying to convert it to MP3... The cop starts out talking like a hard ass and then kind of turns into a "regular Joe." I know he said more, but it's not on the video. The camera did shut off near the end and then came back on. (It turned off between the "11 years" and "keep the secret" parts.) After the cop made his presence known, the camera was being held by the strap, so I'm still a bit puzzled as to how it turned on and off especially without out the cop knowing or even pausing because when it starts and stops recording it makes a "ding dong" kind of doorbell sound. Anyhoo, I could SWEAR he said the cemetery, as of January 1, 2001, became federally protected and carries a huge fine. However, if that was the case, I'm thinking someone in the BG groups would have heard about it. Plus, you'd think he'd be handing out tickets left and right as the "perfect scare tactic." I've been looking for info on it being federally protected, but haven't found anything yet. Until I find something, I'm guessing it's a scare tactic. Mainly because if it was federally protected, wouldn't it stand to reason that a Federal Marshall would be out there as opposed to a forest cop or a state cop. Plus, wouldn't that blow his "ticketing" away due to jurisdiction? Then again, Dave's research shows that it's only $150 for non-criminal tresspass. I dunno. Maybe I'll see if we can interview him or better yet, maybe Dave can get one of his cop family members to talk to the guy on-the-level. You wouldn't happen to recall his name, would you?

I guess the "Mystery" of Bachelor's Grove will continue forever, proliferated by even the police! A cop talks about giving out tickets, threatens my group when we go there, but no one's ever been ticketed or arrested and knows of no one who has been (concerning the poll in the group). Ghosts scare us all and we see and hear things when we go out there, but some cop has the guts to be out there by himself at night? What happens to him? If anything does mess with his mind, he probably wouldn't say becuase he wouldn't want to attract more attention. Did the relocation of some headstones to the other cemetery lessen or remove the ghostly activity? Many people have said the cemetery seems more calm over the last several years. There are so many variables to the cemetery that I bet it will be attractive and mysterious for generations to come. It may even hold it's mystery if/when it's dug up and removed/relocated.

Thanks for the input Theatre Girl! Keep it coming! And hey, did you ever get that article about BG published? I'd love to read it!

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We made our way out of the gates and down the path back to the car. By then it was almost 8:00. Just as we were about to cross the street we noticed flashing lights next to the car. T-Bone took off to make sure the car wouldn't be towed away. When he got there, he was greeted by an unfriendly cop. He asked for an id and then wanted to know what us "knuckleheads" were doing out here. We told him that we were just checking out the cemetery. He said well this place closes at sunset and you guys shouldn't be here. He told us to have a seat in the car before he arrests us. So we sat in the car while he checked our id's. About five minutes later he decided to be easy on us and just give a $25 parking ticket.

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Video Comments
funny cuz you never mentioned how the cops say you can do 60 push ups to get out of the fucking ticket...thats bullshit. I guess its the people who are fucking assholes and vandalize the place that ruined it for us all. Still...dont see the push ups being advertised...weird.