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James Condon

© 2007 - James Condon

Sent in via email July 13, 2007

I too have a tale during a trip to Bachelors Grove. This happened about two years ago.
I have been going to Bachelors Grove infrequently for years now. Maybe 20-30 times in my life. Never once did anything remotely strange happen. Until the following two incidents. The first happened when me and two of my friends went there to just go there, since we had nothing better to do. We entered the cemetary and immediately went to our right and just stood around one of the taller headstones. After 10 minutes or so, we suddenly noticed two figures clothed in white right near the entrance some 20-30 feet away. Without hesistation, (and being the personable people we are) we ackowledged their presence with a few friendly hellos. (One of the reasons I like Bachelors Grove is the opportunity to meet other people to discuss the cemetary.) They begin walking back up the path, we saw their progress as they passed to the left of us. We thought it was strange, because we had been in the cemetary 15 minutes or so and never saw anybody come down the path beside us. Then Randy quietly suggested that maybe they weren't people. We all looked at each other with bulging eyes, and ran out onto the path to see if we could catch up with whatever it was. But there was nobody there. And why anybody would wear stark white colors in a dark forbidden cemetary is beyond me. The following weekend we went there again, only there must have been 15 people there total. The same thing happened, only this time we starting running after them as soon as the figures retreated at our calling. They went into the forest and we followed. I'll never forget what happened next, I heard the creepiest screaming. I can't even describe the sounds I was hearing from deep in the woods. They didn't sound human and they didn't sound like any animal. I must have told and re-told this story a hundred times, and felt it would be best to have it up on this website.