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Sent in via email June 2006

On Friday 5/26/06 from 5:30PM to 6:30 PM my brother, his wife, my girlfriend, and I went to Bachelor's Grove Cemetary. The temperate was in the mid 70's and was humid. I personally found the place to be very tranquil and calm, and did not have any forboding feelings. My girlfriend said she felt a little "heavy" or "depressive" while in the cemetary. We walked around in the cemetary itself for about 25 minutes. We walked a little into the beaten path leading south into the woods and didn't see much. We walked west towards the creek and didn't see much. On the way back towards the cemetary we took the little path west of the cemetary that runs north, parallel to the fence and saw the little area with the stones in the ground.

It was here, looking into the cemetary that my girlfriend experienced what was a very cool (she estimates in the 50's to 60's) breeze, and found it refreshing since we were sweating from tromping around in the humidity. She then realized that the air was still and that there was no breeze at all, but the coldness remained. She said she was somehow compelled to keep staring into the cemetary for a few minutes. The temperature then returned to normal for her. She was kind of standing by herself at the time, and I later walked up and asked her what she was staring at. She only told me later, when we were alone, what she experienced. 

I had an olympus WS-100 digital recorder with me, and a Sony HDR-HC3 hi-def camcorder with me. I did manage to capture a few evp's on the recorder, some of which are also barely audible on the camcorder audio.

I'll include the evp segments in the raw, unprocessed version, as well as cleaned, and slowed down versions. Here are descriptions of the evps:

1. sigh.wma: This one can be easily debunked, but I still have some doubt myself so I'll post it for review. I ask for a response early in the clip. In the long raw clip, at about 12 seconds there is a weird knocking sound and then at 15 seconds a long drawn out sigh/exhale/inhale. I think the knocking could be some vehicle on the nearby turnpike or something out in the woods. The sigh would have to be me, as no one else was nearby during this. I don't remember sigh'ing at all, and don't make it a habit to make this kind of sound. I have tried to duplicate both my inhale and exhale and can't get it to match this right because the sound is relatively long compared to my own exhale. The closest i can do is a very long inhale, but I have to exhale just as violently and as loud, and there is no second part to the breath on the recording. This is what makes me suspect it's an EVP.

2. teaching.wma: In this one I was by myself, inspecting some mossy stones in the ground just west of the cemetary fence. They looked like maybe somekind of old foundation to some structure. In the raw, you will hear some kind of out of place whisper towards the beginning of the clip. I let it run a bit more to give you an idea of the normal background noises at that place and time. I think it says "its teaching them"

3. yes.wma: About 50 minutes into the tripe, while walking outside of the cemetary fence, on the south side of the cemetary, my brother's wife got a piece of glass in her sandal. In the long raw version, you will hear my brother saying she needs to take her shoe off. You will hear me say, Ok, I'll go on. I then saw some more glass on the ground and said out loud, "Yeah there is a lot of glass around here, you gotta watch out." About the 20 second mark, right after I say there, there is a high pitched distorted "voice". I think it says "yes there is" when I slow it down and modify pitch. This one was also caught barely audible on the camcorder audio so it could not be microphone rubbing.

4. two_people.wma: In the raw one you will hear me ask, "Is there anybody that would like to say anything?" After a few seconds I start walking. About 29-30 seconds you will hear what I think is an EVP. It's an out of place whisper. I think it says "two people" really quick.