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Jason Nhyte

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A particularly active night at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - narrated by Jason Nhyte

This particular outing stands out in the minds of SOS. Many unusual events took place this evening as witnessed by nine people and later verified in photographs. Hear Jason Nhyte explain what people were seeing and how they were feeling while within the confines of one of the Mid-West's most haunted cemeteries on an unusually active night. (Please disregard the bit of cursing)

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The Girl In Blue - narrated by Jason Nhyte

Megan McGovern, a friend of SOS, reluctantly explains what she witnessed during the above evening at Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Interestingly, these two photographs were captured that night, coinciding with what we were seeing moving through the cemetery. Could these pictures possibly be the Girl In Blue witnessed by members of SOS and others? The first picture definitely looks like a form hunched over, and it is blue. The second picture speaks for itself.

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The Girl In Blue is seen by more people - narrated by Jason Nhyte.

Brian Cumpton, a friend of SOS, witnesses the Girl In Blue as does Jason Nhyte, coinciding with the two preceding photographs.

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The Girl In Blue makes a final appearance - narrated by Jason Nhyte.

One of SOS biggest skeptics witnesses the Girl In Blue at Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Bill Mann, police officer and friend of SOS, was a believer that night. Coincides with the two preceding photographs.

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