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Jayson Thomas

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ARCHIVE NOTATION: The correct date of the recording took place on April 14, 2001

From: jaysonthomas02
Date: Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:08 pm
Subject: Hey all...

Hey all I usually don't post here, But I read all the posts from everybody. I'm here to write you about an occurance I had at Bachelors Grove in mid April of 2000. Just to let everyone know I also run a website called The Lost Souls of Bachelors Grove Cemetery. If you wanna check it out the websites address is Anyway I was going to update my website tomorrow with this information but thought it would be cool if everyone could help me out on this. I'm not a ghost researcher I just love to visit the cemetery and document my findings and etc.. Anyway back to the reason why Im here..I was at the cemetery with my father, brother and good friend around 10p.m on a saturday night, The place was crawling with the teenage gang throwing stuff around and yelling thru the trees and what have ya. I broke away from my family members and headed up to the "Newman Tombstone" On the way there with my video camera I started talking too myself and said "Neman I know you don't appreciate us here, but where are you". Don't ask why I said this..I was tired and with all the teens in there acting like animals escaping from the local zoo it pissed me of. When I got home and reviewed the tape to are amazement after I had asked this question I got a reply! I cannot understand what is said because the voice is low and has an echo. I was the only one around at the time so there's no way in this lifetime anyone heard me asking that question. I wish my capture card was working so I could show everyone what was going on. You don't need Real Audio or anything like that. It's a 115KB file thats only 4 Seconds long. A regular .wav file is all. Please listen and give me your feedback.


ARCHIVE NOTATION:  A voice is captured on a video camera stating "we just watching" after asking a question.