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Jenna Mashak

Sent in via email August 29, 2004

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of Oak Lawn, IL for sending in this material.

hello mr. kaczmarek,

my name is jenna mashak and im 19 years old. i live in chicago and i live about 30 blocks from Bachelors Grove Cemetary. I am extremely interested in the Paranormal. I've always wanted to do Paranormal Investigation but many people say its just a waste of time... but its interesting to me. I love Bachelors Grove as well. Last year in 2003 i did a research report on Bachelors Grove and i came across some strange information but what was even stranger was the event that happened to me in bachelors grove....

my father and i went to bachelors grove to take some pictures for my report. i needed to include some pics for my senior year research report so i took my 35mm manual nikon camera and we went off... now before i left i made sure i had brand new film in, i made sure i put brand new batteries in, made sure i cleaned the lens and made sure i put the cap back on... and my father saw me do all this because we were having a conversation about the "camera malfunctions" that happen there.... well when we got to bachelors grove, the path was a bit creepy... but was just another forest to me!

we got into the cemetery and i felt like i was in a room with hundreds of people... it felt like everyone at a party stoped talking and looked straight at me. well i tried to shake that feeling but it didn't work too good. i walked to the very west side of the cemetary and started taking pictures...i started at the headstone of NEWMAN... ( first name i dont remember) well i clicked once.. twice... then my camera froze... the shudder completely shut and would not open... i have never had this problem before..... it was pretty close to brand new so i had never really had any problems that i couldn't fix... well when i was trying to fix it, i tilted the camera so the lens was facing me and lo and behold, there were finger prints on the lens! immediately i called my father over and he came and couldn't believe his eyes.... then i saw another couple in the cemetery and i showed them... they couldn't believe it either... then i put my fingerprints on the camera lens to see if i had accidently touched it... and to my surprise they weren't only a different size but different prints! im convinced that there was some sort of prescence not wanting me there.. the prints gave me the feeling of being pushed away... and after i realized it, as i was taking the picture it felt like there had been some pressure or force pushing me back away from that stone... who knows...

i thought i would share with you my experience and if you ever research bachelors grove and need a tag along :D let me know... im extremely interested... thank you

Jenna Mashak

Sent in via October 15, 2016

That just confirms my experience even more! Back in 2004, I was a senior in high school working on my English/photography project where I wrote a whole paper on Bachelors Grove"a history. To finish the paper, I was going to add pictures that I took and developed myself. So before my trip, I cleaned my entire Nikon camera top to bottom, replaced all batteries, changed the flash bulbs, etc. So my father and I headed to the cemetery and while we were walking down the entrance in broad daylight, I was snapping pictures. Once we got into the gates, I went right to the Newman headstone and started snapping pictures. I got one photo in and the shutter on my camera malfunctioned and would not open... So I asked my father to come over (since we had split up) and as soon as I turned around, my shutter opened back up. So I repeated the process and the same thing happened!!! Well at this point I walked away taking multiple pictures everywhere else in the cemetery with no camera issues. I made my way back to the southwest corner to snap a few more photos of Newman but still the same thing happened. Once I saw te shutter wouldn't open again, I got frustrated. I flipped my camera over and on the lens, plain as day, were three finger prints that looked like was trying to block the camera!!! I placed my finger prints next to them and they were NOT THE SAME!!! When I developed the photos.... They were all distorted due to the shutter malfunction ... But there was a photo that you clearly were able to see 3 long, see through fingers!!! Most amazing experience of my ghost encounters!

Jenna Mashak

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  35mm camera shutter malfunction. Finger prints discovered on previously cleaned lens.