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© 2000 - Jennifer ?

It was approximately 8:00 p.m. on 3/11/00 when myself and a friend decided to visit the infamous Bachelors Grove Cemetery. Our purpose for being there was to see if we could pick up any paranormal activity on camera and for me specifically, I was trying to find out the intentions and needs of the restless spirits and bring peace in any way I was allowed to. While observing, something caught my friend's eye ... there was a tiny ball of gold light towards the left hand side (left from entrance). Immediately he caught my attention and when I laid my eyes on this BEING it ran from me! I saw it streak across to the pond bordering ... the strange thing was I saw the shadow of a man run with it! Now, I always trust my instinct when dealing with the unknown ... and seeing this I am convinced what I saw was something left behind from a ritual. By no means would a restless spirit move with such speed ... aside from this experience we did wind up with activity on film. We found two white orbs, red mist, a blue orb, an orange orb, and blue mist at my feet.


ARCHIVE NOTATION:  A golden ball of light is witnessed near the entrance to the cemetery.