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Jim Graczyk

Sent in via email March 24, 2010

I found my Bigfoot Trail patches! Now here is what I recall and its listed on the map I have of the trail. (Pete if you don't have a copy of that 13 mile hike, Dale and I have a copy for you. Just let us know!)

The patch was the first thing a Scout would get for hiking the trail once, we usually ate lunch in the Grove.(It was real kept good up in the early 80's). After each time they hiked the complete trail we got one of four segments. (No particular order, there were a total of four to earn.) After you hiked the trail five times your patch was complete. There were three additional rockers, which my troop never ordered. (Snow, rain, camping)

My troop used to camp at Camp Sulivan or Camp Falcon for the weekend and then we would hike the trail on Saturday morning. I hiked that trail in the rain a few times and it was mud and flooded sections of the creek. I camped at the above camps many times in the winter and always stayed in the cabins.(Too cold even for Scouts!) A time or two we even divided our troop into two groups and had each group go a different way on the trail. Of course, we were supposed to meet somewhere on the trail but someone always go off the trail because of poorly marked trail signs. Some years those trails were marked good, other times they changed the trail marker color because of a reroute.( Many down trees or the trail flooded frequently area.) The Bigfoot Trail was marked using a huge uppercase B that was spray painted on the trees as markers.

The highlight of the trail was the "old quarry area" which had these so called steps of stone and a few places held water. There was also a cable bridge located north of Rubio Woods when you hiked the power line part. The cemetery was nicely kept and of course nobody took pictures since we were hiking and young! Leaders never brought cameras too! We always talked about taking a night hike to the cemetery, but opted for a nice campfire every time!

Also, on some parts of the trail there were these softball size green melons with lots of bumps on them. We called them "swamp melons" and nobody ever told us the real name. I've seen them down 131st on the side of the road many times. Anyway, we use to burn them just for fun being kids and even had a few swamp melon fights! Those dang things hurt as heck even being tossed by a kid. Rookies always got the best of them! No face shots were the rules! lol.

Here are five pictures for you to have and use for whatever you desire.