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Jim Graczyk

ARCHIVE NOTATION: In relation to the Phantom Dog legend.

Sent in via email October 02, 2011


The story stands correct and reads well. The dog was black and brown, we noticed off on the right side as we were walking out. I was the lead person walking into and out of that cemetery. The dog was just about up by that roped off with wire entrance. It wandered off to the left once then back to the right as were getting closer. Once we saw the dog walking to the left, we all stopped and picked up like rocks and decent size sticks for protection. After we got our weapons, we noticed the dog was back on the right side just like walking around and sort of sniffing as keeping its head low. As we got up to the entrance to the trail the dog was off and back into the woods just a bit as if allowing us to pass by without incident. Once we passed that roped off wired entrance the dog got in back of us, so we kept looking forward for traffic as well watching for this dog. Being about 1-2am, we had to watch out for the cops and dash to get our car down the street around the corner. All four of us, were walking along the curb in the street at this time. The dog now was just slowly walking around in the grass, by the entrance very close to the road. As we got closer to the street we could still make out the dog walking and occasionally stopping and looking in our direction. We ran once we got to the corner and got into the car a few feet down the street. Now, I turned the car around and made a left(west) heading past the cemetery. Each and every one of us were looking for this dog as I drove by, but none of us could find the dog. We continued on to Ridgeland and made the right heading north toward our homes.

This event had to happen in 1988/1989 in about August or September. I didn't know about this so called phantom dog sighting until I read about it much later after I joined Dales group in 1997. When I read the history and sightings about Bachelors Grove, I think in Troy's book or webapge, I was like in shock. I swear this dog seemed real, but strangely it didn't bark or growl and I don't remember it making any noise as it walked around off the side of the trail. None of my buddies I was with knew the story since 2 of the 3 were new to that cemetery. I haven't spoke to them in years and have no clue on how to find any of them. Did we have a ghostly encounter or was it a real dog? My answer is I believe the dog was real, but it just doesn't make sense on how this animal was acting.


** I grant my permission for you to use my story and name in any way or form as you desire.**