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© 2012 Joe (private)

Interview via telephone conducted by on June 21, 2012

Joe was 16 to 17 years old when visiting the cemetery back in the late 1950s to early 1960s. One night he parked outside of the cemetery on the old Midlothian Turnpike with his girlfriend. At one point they both decided to walk the cemetery grounds and his girlfriend fell into a "sunken grave" where her skirt was pulled up by a root. Joe helped her out of the hole and they both went back to the car.

Once inside of the car Joe heard a noise to his left and as he looked outside the driver side window he witnessed a man with a "pistol." Joe opened the window to find the man asking why he was there. Joe responded by saying he was only there to check out the cemetery. The man identified himself as a caretaker and told Joe that he better not see his car parked there again and to never come back.

Joe states that he would visit the cemetery a few times per month and continued to do so even after the caretaker incident. He also stated that the only reason he would visit the cemetery was to bring his girlfriends back there to scare them and to use the old road as a lover's lane.