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John A.

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September 7, 2010

It was a hot summer day a few years back, I just purchased a new mountain bike and thought I would test it off road on the trails that lead to Bachelors Grove. It was a weekday and the trail was empty when I finally arrived at the Bachelors Grove gate.

I took a look a around, and out of nowhere I hear this commanding deep male voice saying "GET OUT OF HERE!!" Instantly, every hair on my body stood straight up followed by goose bumps. This voice had a certain omnidirectional quality to it, I could not quite figure out exactly where it came from.

I looked, and looked diligently for some prankster hiding behind a headstone or a tree. There was no one there only me, and believe me, I did not stay long, I got outta there so damn fast! Although I am right down the road on Central and the Turnpike, I will never again ride my bike alone down that woody path to Bachelors Grove.