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August 23, 2000

Hey everyone. I used to post on a subsidiary of this board which has appearantly dissappeared. I have been to Bachelor's Grove uncountable times. I actually go in during the daytime, while at night I preffer just to drive by. I have some wild little theories and such about the whole area including "the woods people" that always come up in legends around Chicago, but I wont bore anyone with them just yet.

Drunks or not, whoever lruks about in the cemetary at night is becoming very crafty. Being a gothic poet looking for some peace, I came to the woods one Sunday morning to find 2 burnt crosses; one near the entrance, and one on the Fulton marker. Although I'm an atheist,I still fealt really uneasy, especially seeing as the crosses where upsidedown. I don't really know what came over me, but grabbed one and ran out of the woods. I keep it locked away in a store room, and to this day have no idea why I took it to begin with.

I guess that the whole cross incident might have been the result of some angry drunks, but later in the year, one night in December, me and my friends rode by and seen a procession of candles. 1, then 2 behind it, then 2 behind those; all going down the abandoned road leading towards the gates.

AS for why the spirits would be there; I dont think the ghosts are really happy there, what with the desecration and strange rituals and drunks and such. many have considered the site to have once been part of Indian burial grounds. Maybe they're jsut trapped there. My evidence for this simple little theory is to walk into the cemetary itself, through the gates, and feel the change in temperature, and the sense of forboding that comes and goes as you run back and forth through the gates.

I visited Rosehill a while back, maybe a month ago. People ahve always told me to go there, but after such hype, I still preffer its contemporary counterpart, Graceland on Clark and Irving Park. I used to be wiccan, and have always considered myself somewhat psychic. With even limited ESP, one can almost feel the dead speak out to you, moreso that most cemetaries I've been too.

I love going to cemetaries around the city and make frequent trips to Graceland and Bachelor's Grove. Anyone, feel free to email me at I have a few weird Bachelor's Grove pictures I'm trying to get on disk.

Yours Always,