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August 01, 2003

Hi my name is Kate and here is my story....

Me, my family, and a few friends decided to take a little trip to bachelors grove to see what was up with it. We have already visited it before, about a year ago, and didnt seem to see anything "special" or supernatual. But this time was a bit different. As we entered the cematary, everyone began to get a sudden chill down their spine, as if something were there, but we couldnt see anything in sight. So we walked around a few times and took some pictures hoping to get something on film. As I walked around the infant daughter grave, i noticed that there was a dead tree right next to it. Its odd knowing that it is the only dead tree by it. I also noticed that there were big patches of wedds all over that were bent over as if someone walked through them. My aunt suggested that it were probably some people that had a party in the cemetary, since there was beer cans all over the place. But as i looked closer i saw that there were no footprints in the dirt that was below the weeds. Then my cousin and I decided to take a picture of us sitting on the same grave that the girl ghost is sitting on in the picture that is on this website. As we sat, We suddenly felt very hot and it was hard to breathe. We tried to smile for the picture, but we just couldnt. We felt very weired and a little lightheaded. As soon as my aunt snapped the picture, me and my cousin frightengly jumped off of the grave. After that, We knew we had to get something on film because we knew something, or someone was watching us. We took a picture of some graves and stuff. My cousin snatched a picture of a grave that said RIPPET, and then we turned around to go down another path. We found out that the path was a dead end so we went back up to the grave that had RIPPET on it. We found out that there was a dead flower laying on the grave!! There was NOT a flower on it before. And it was even scarier knowing that it was a dead flower. My cousin and I were the only ones by that area too so nobody could of put it there exept, well, a ghost! This was all too much foe me, so after that, we were all too scared to stay any longer, so we left.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  A flower materializes on top of the Rippet headstone.