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Katie M.

Sent in via Guest Book March 25, 2002 03:38

Hey i got a scary story! Sum time last year me and my friend walked up to Bachelors grove from my house, its about a 15 minute walk} It was during thethe day, we3ll more around like 5ish! alright there was no one back there when we went back there right? well we looked around the cemetary for a while then decided to walk around the pond! well as we walk around the first time we saw a male and female duck sitting in the pond , and we thought 'awww', but that was very short lived. On our way back there was the Male duck sitting on the path with its head ripped directly out of its body, neck bone and all, still wet, it couldnt have been in animal, cuz it was in perfect condition, well except for the whole head thing, no one else was back there and we heard no noise!! freaky?!