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Kevin Burk

© 2011 Kevin Burk

Sent in via email October 12, 2011 - Full conversation not available at this time.

And this one, this is the last image I got before my camera "died." We were on our way out and at the entrance, I turned around to snap this one last pic. Right after it saved, the camera just shut off without a warning message or anything, and I just replaced the batteries before going in. I couldn't get it back on (normally it says battery low) so I took out my phone to videotape what was happening, but that (fully charged) wouldn't turn on either. Now we're standing there confused, when our flashlight shut off too, so we then booked it down the path for the exit. After we got out, the flashlight, phone, and camera all worked again.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Camera, cell phone and a flashlight experience power issues at the entrance to the cemetery.