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Larry A.

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Bachelor's Grove Apparition

Hi, my name is Larry and I'm an amateur ghost hunter in the Chicago Area. On Saturday the 28 of September 2004, I took my friends Hans, Alicia, and Mark to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. I took Alicia and Hans because they have never been, and Mark because he likes it there and he wanted to help me impress Alicia. We sneak in and take photos. After making our rounds in the cemetery, Alicia starts to freak out and begins to cry, begging to leave. We comfort her and go take 2 more pictures. Going to take the picture, the camera dies twice after having full batteries. So I tell my friends stay there and not to move. I walk about 8 feet in front of them and quickly turn the camera back on and take a photo. When I see the photo, I'm slightly shocked. Mark sees I'm shocked and asks to see. I show him the photo. Overhearing us talk and seeing the look on our faces, Alicia demands we leave. When I took the photo there was no fog or smoke...yet it came out like this. You can also see an outline in the photo of a woman. In the photo it's Hans in back, Alicia, and then Mark in front.

--Larry A.