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Lydia Wilcopolski

© 2009 Lydia Wilcopolski

I recently had a dream about the cemetary, it reminded me of when I was a suicidal depressed teenager and I went to the cemetary alone. I rode my bike there. Anyway, I remember I was crying and very upset. I heard a little girl's voice, first a giggle then her telling me not to cry. I then heard a woman's voice telling her not to talk to me. I looked around and saw no one. But once again I heard the little girl's voice telling me, not to cry, and that I should not feel sad, and to go home and kiss my daddy. I did just that. It was nothing I had ever felt before. In my dream the girl and long curly blonde hair, and the woman was beautiful, long flowing white dress, with long flowing hair that was brown. It was so real, it drew me to this page. I lived in Oak Forest most of my life and was a regular visitor to the Cemetary. My dad first took me there after he bought his home which was one of the original first homes in oak forest, in a new subdivision of Oak Forest and was built in 1942 I believe. My father bought it in 1962 and I believe no one lived there for many years till my dad bought it. I sold it when he died in 1999 and it is up for sale again. I so wish I could buy it. But my dad used to talk about things he saw at the cemetary as well.