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© 2006 - Mark (private)

Sent in via email January 03, 2006

My friends, Mike ,Matt, Emily and Shaun and I (Mark) went to go sneek in the cemetary late at night. We were pretty yong I was 18 and so was Shaun and Emily, Mike was 20 and Matt was 16. As we came near the gates an older man walked out and told us that strange things were going on in their. We figured he just didn't want us to go in. We entered like idiots, Shaun told us he seen somthing move. Matt being 2 years younger then the rest of us, was already trying to get us to turn back. Matt felt somthing touch him and took off running deeper into the woods. Emily and Shaun told Mike and I that they'd go wait by the gates. Mike and I took off into the woods to find Matt. We found him deep into the cemetary. Matt pointed and started to shake. We looked were he was pointing and we seen a women sitting n a gravestone crying and talking about her baby and how it suffered. Matt quickly ran deeper into the cemetary now we were as far as you can go back. we seen on the otherside of the woods there is a soccer field. We then heard a scream. It was Shauns voice. Mike said follow him. Matt yelled "wait, I need to catch my breath." After we got our breath back Matt and I followed Mike. After we got to the gates, Shaun and Emily both told us neither of them screamed. After thinking about it now If you could think in scary times I would of known that We couldn't hear a scream from 1 side to the other. Now we all got in the our old beat up car and Matt tried to start it, it didn't start. And we lived far away in the small town New Lenox boarding Mokena Mike jumped out and poped the trunk, grabed the jumpe and got the car going, We've went back 3 times since then. Me and my four neibors (Mike Matt Emily) my friend from school(Shaun) and I ( mark) Had entered it and more odd things happend But thats a whole difftent story.