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Mike D.

Sent in via February 1, 2010

Mike D.

A few years back, a buddy and I decided to check out the cemetary. It was during the day in the springtime. For anyone who has ever ventured to the cemetary, you know that as you walk down the path towards the cemetary gate entrance that it appears that the path and it's trees are narrowing in on you, almost as if the woods are swallowing you. As we approached the cemetary we notice that it was surrounded by a chain link fence missing a gate at the entrance. In order to step into the cemetary, you had to walk ontop of garbage that was left behind from punks that party in the cemetary after hours.

I remember walking across a broken down Miller Lite box in order to enter the cemetary. My buddy & I both study history. I was also an art student. I brought along some paper and charcoal to make etchings of the graves. We noticed something as soon as we entered the cemetary. As we were walking down the path to get the cemetary, there were birds, squirels and other woodland critters all about. As soon as entered the cemetary, there were nothing but gnats & bugs everywhere. Not a single critter in sight.
We stayed within arms length of each other as we ventured through the cemetary. Growing up in this area, you hear about stanic rituals and the sort. We didn't want to get jumped by any satanists and used as the day's next ritual. We had an overwhelming feeling that we were being watched too.

Time passes, the creepiness sensation began to build. We decided to leave and chill out at Hooters. As we were about to step through the missing gate area, we noticed a rusty steak knife stabbed into that broken down Miller Lite box. Now, during the season we went to the cemetary, you can see the gate area from every vantage point we were at in the cemetary. Noone ever approached the gate area. We would have seen them.

So, I picked up the knife. Held it defensively. Yelled out to the woods that if anyone is messing with us, they better not. We high tailed our asses out of there, went to Hooters and called it a day.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I am going back with a group of paranormal inquisitive friends over this summer. we are hoping to gather EVP and optical evidence.

Thank you for writing back. Have a great 2010!