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I took this pic at Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL. spring 2003. It was a sunny warm day and we thought we'd take the dogs for a ride and a walk through the cemetery. One dog could have cared less (one in pic). The other dog however, DID NOT want to go past the entrance and stood there growling and backing away on her leash. I just started snapping randomly and the pic attached is what came back on one of them. I am not a photographer and was using my Advantix camera. We have been to Bachelors Grove many times through the years and only one other pic ever revealed anything that could be even considered strange. That pic revealed what might be an orb streaking up my pant leg. However, nowhere near as impressive as what I am submitting today. Hope you like it enough to share it with others.

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Dog refuses to enter cemetery.