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Mr. Kite

September 6, 2017

To start off with some background I grew up in Midlothian Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. When I was five years old I loved car rides, like any other kid. It started out like any normal day when my dad asked for Gyros for dinner.

My mom mentioned a new Gyro place that opened up so we drove to that. I was a talkative little rugrat and never shut up, but on this specific ride my mom said she noticed I was talking until we hit an overpass.

The overpass was next to the Cook County forest preserve. I saw an odd green body of water and parked next to it was a black car the I’ve never seen before. Standing by the car were what looked like two men; one in black and one in blue. I was quiet the rest of the way to the Gyro place, and on the way back I tried to see that body of water again but never could.

Anytime we drove past that over pass I would try to spot that green water but never could.

I told my mother about this story recently and her response was that I witnessed the Bachelors Grove Ghost Car.

Those trees and swamp was Bachelors Grove. I had goosebumps when my mom confirmed that to me. It made me a little frightened that a five year old saw a body of water that wasn’t in its proper location. The proper name for what I have seen was the Bachelors Grove Ghost Car.

I never told my mom that story until recently and even writing this I have goosebumps on my goosebumps.