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Pat Meloy

Pat Meloy
August 25, 2017

Has anyone heard of stories of a man wearing a trench coat and hat walking the path to the cemetery?

When I was a kid we were on a Boy Scout trip at Camp Sullivan and while on a hike, stopped at the cemetery. We noticed a gold pocket watch on one of the graves. Out scoutmasters told us to not touch it because someone likely left it there. Shortly after, I noticed a man in a trench coat and hat standing outside the fence to the cemetery. It was a hot, sunny summer day. We started to leave and got back on the path but when we turned the corner to head toward 143rd street, the man was gone.

I always thought it was a weird. I recently ran into a guy from that scout troop and he remembered it too. I tried to see if there were any other similar stories online and found a mention of a man in a trench coat on the following site.