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I have just returned from Bachelor's Grove, I went by myself looking for my keys that I had lost on a previous visit. Don't get me wrong I would never go in that place at night, I believe there is something there. Well, as I went down the trail, almost immediately whatever IT is began. The bushes around me started to rustle and followed me until I arrived in the cemetery. Once in there I said a prayer for protection then I sat down to have a cigarette. As I sat admiring the day(it was warm and sunny) I heard strange sounds. I looked around to see if I was alone, and sure enough I was. (so to speak) Anyway, the sounds were coming from the west end of the pond. I believe they were horses hooves and what sounded like a carriage. It went on for about 5 minutes. I really wasn't scared, I blamed it on woodpeckers. So then I went down the trail to the creek and began to walk on the stones in the water. Well, needless to say I didn't last long, a gust of wind picked up and I swear I heard a voice in the wind say "Nooooo". It was really creepy, so of course I realized I didn't really feel like looking for my keys and fled out of there. It wasn't until I exited the trail that I had a sense of relief. I don't know for sure what is there, but there is SOMETHING out there. Even in the daylight that place is ominous.


March 31, 2000

ARCHIVE NOTATION:  Subject hears a voice say a long exaggerated "no" at the creek.