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Pauly James

Sent in via August 6, 2019

One of my more memorable BG visits, get comfy...

In late 1990, on a friday or saturday night a couple weeks before Hallows eve, I was at home alone & drinking, thinking about going to my buds to hang since nobody good was playing the clubs, no concerts, no girlfriend at the time & my bud Bob Schultz called me around 8-9 PM and asked me what was going on & I said nothing special, thats why I was at home on a weekend night. He then said he & his GF were thinking about going to Bachelors Grove Cemetery, which was supposed to be haunted, would I care to come along ? I thought about it for a minute & asked him a few questions like who's driving cos I was already buzzing, whos coming along ect ....I agreed & a half hour later they picked me up & then we were off to the graveyard. I brought along some loose beers I had, I didn't feel like just going there & standing around in the woods without having a drink or six. I had been there previously a week earlier at night, my first time, and didn't see anything out of the ordinary & figured Ok why not do it again, it's a nice fall night out.

We had to park in some residential area that was about a half mile away then walk to the front entrance while keeping an eye out for the cops. I think we used a trail that was horizontal to the street, the Midlothian turnpike so nobody would see us trekking along the road. So anyways we are walking down the trail which was actually the remains of what was once the turnpike until they re routed it, so it was a 10 foot spread of asphalt with serious foliage growing on either side that took up there. For protection, Bob brought his windshield wiper tool, the T shaped one that you can either scrape ice or brush off snow. Myself I always carried a Buck knife. Bob was concerned about running into some assholes or Devil worshipers or something.

So when we get there, I see the graveyard is encased with a tall chain link fence with the gate ripped open. We walk inside & see some folks near the back smoking & drinking, they appeared to be our age also. We went there & said hi & they seemed cool & we struck up a conversation with them. They apparently were regulars there, they all had stories to tell & would go there to party at night. We told them this was our 2nd time here at night & the first time there was nobody here at all. They explained to us that where they were standing was the safest place to party at because there was a hole in the back fence that they could run thru if cops should ever come in there, because they occasionally did.

1 of them was a cool dude maybe a couple years younger then me, and I asked them all if they ever saw anything paranormal & took the 3 of us around the cemetery & showed us certain locations where he & others with him plus folks he knew that weren't there at the time saw/exp'd stuff. he pointed out what was supposed to be the active areas where things were seen. Then he told us his most vivid story, about the time he heard & felt someone approaching him as he was taking a piss near the gateway by the fence. We walked as he showed up & described in detail how his bud that was there with us was standing where we were & he said he clearly saw someone, a shadow figure, walk right up to him as he was pissing. So we were standing there at that spot and he showed us where he heard the footsteps coming from & replicated what it would have sounded like by walking towards us. He said he originally thought 1 of his buds was trying to scare him by sneaking up but he looked up, nobody, nothing there & still heard the footsteps. I totally believed him, his story didn't sound out of the ordinary at all, if he wanted to spin some tall tale I'm sure it would have been much creepier than that. I think that was the only exp he had but also recall he said they have been there dozens of times & pretty much 1 out of 20 times would they see/feel something paranormal. 1 other incident was their pagers lost power then when they left the graveyard the power came back. I forget what the others said but that 1 story stands out.

We were there chatting for about 90 minutes or so, and I had to relieve myself once or twice. I specifically went to that spot where the dude had his incident & told him & Bob to keep an eye on the spot & see if it happened to me. I did my biz & nope, didn't hear/see/feel anything & walked back.

I do recall that, while we were there chatting, I kept occasionally looking at that area by the gate as I was checking for cops or new visitors. And then, I thought I saw someone tall walking the other way on the other side, away from us. Wasn't sure though (more on this later) but I was wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me in the dark so I didn't say anything just yet. You see, my only fear/concern was getting caught by the cops, what I saw wasn't a cop, a cop would be walking toward us, this thing didn't and was gone. I went back to enjoying my beer and chatting.

As I'm finishing my last brew, this car passes the bridge over the creek which leads into the pond next to the graveyard, they slow down & they yelled out "hey the cops are coming!" & the regulars questioned it, apparently they'd been pranked before this way. But we all agreed maybe we should bail, all of us had drank the brews & it was nearly 11. So we said screw it lets leave.

We are all walking down the trail & I think it was suggested that we not only keep our voices down but also look for flashlights up ahead, or even someone dressed as a cop then back up & there was a certain area a little bit past the graveyard they would be able to hide since the cops never went further down the path past the gates. We continue walking down the path then we hear a voice saying YOU THERE STOP! Cook county Sheriffs, we have a canine unit , stand where you are or we will release him! We all froze, except for Bob, he took his windshield scraper & whipped it up & away into the woods as he raised his hands/arms up.

I forget what happened next but the cops were real hard asses, scolding us that we shouldn't be in there & we were all being quiet/polite/co operative & they got all our Identification then told us to walk with them to the entrance & don't even think about trying anything stupid. So all of us did & there was a squad there plus an SUV police vehicle with another cop inside. They made us all stand in the headlights & checked us over & then said we are all going to be charged with trespassing (misdemeanor) and given a ticket/citation to appear in court. So the 1 cop, who looked like Fred Gwynn (Herman Munster) sat down in the SUV and the other cop sat in his squad & what they would do was pick an ID / drivers lisc then call you to come inside & they asked you questions ect & wrote you the ticket then you got out & they called the next. Bob was 1st, I was second. When the cop was talking to me he asked what was I doing there & I told him that I was never there before & honestly had no idea that going there after sunset was illegal, it was just a forest preserve, whats the harm ? He told me all forest preserves close at sunset & I said I didn't know & have been going in them after dark for years, never had any problems or have a cop arrest me for it either. he said its posted on all the FP signs but now you know for sure, right ? Then I ask him, "so where's the dog ?" He looks up, gives me this smirk, and says something like he's at home & I laugh a little & things relaxed somewhat. So me & him are kinda joking around (the "bad cop" act was wearing off now, the cops were relaxed realizing we were just harmless young adults not there to vandalize or hurt anyone) and then it came up my father was a cop-the cop looks up at me, his expression changed-'why the fuck didn't you tell me this before I started writing the ticket ???" I looked at him & said I didn't know it was change anything ? I told him had I known it would have been the 1st words out of my mouth plus I don't really get into trouble so I don't even mention I have a father who's a cop, he then says oh well you shoulda said something, you would have gotten a anyways we were done & he called someone else inside.

Me & Bob were getting bored standing around waiting for them to finish writing the other tickets for the rest, so we went & stood behind the SUV with the lights from the patrol car illuminating us, both cops were looking away & also down at the ticket books, busy wrting the tickets, rarely glancing up. As he's having a smoke when we're standing there, cars are passing by on the turnpike & folks are looking at whats going on with the flashing lights ect so we got the idea to stand there with maniacal wide eyes & smiles staring at the passing cars. Then we added synchronized waving with 1 arm. Then added our heads rocking back & forth, like we were some sort of Disneyland robots on some ride. Then the legs got involved, we'd pick one up & shake it around. Then somehow all this morphed into us dancing doing the twist every time a can passed by. Picture this: you're driving down a quiet empty street at 1130 PM, you see some lights from squads ect and people standing around all serious, then you see these 2 men with bizarre expressions waving/dancing in the lights. I think we were trying to cause an accident or create some sort of distraction for laughs. But what would you think if you saw that happening?

Meanwhile as this is going on, the other group of folks are standing over by the other car & they are watching me & Bob acting like goofs. Bobs GF also was watching us, and unbeknownst to us, was getting very annoyed. His GF was the last one to get a ticket-sort of. they ran out of tickets! So they gave her a pass ! they then told us to leave & never come back because next time we go straight to the lockup. So we all walked back to our cars (the other group had theirs parked closer but along the way) then we went back down Harlem but we were hungry so we stopped at PJ's Gyros. I forget what we ordered but they had a sign with interchangeable letters and me & Bob added some new items to that, like "A hot frog shrinks, a hot log & flies, sausage splatter" and some other gibberish. When we finished we decided to call it a night & went home & me & Bob were laughing about it all, then he dropped me off & he went to his GF's place. The next time we chatted he told me that she was annoyed at us because she thought if the cops saw us acting like that they would have changed their minds & arrested all of us cos we thought it was a big joke then the PJs sign incident ....then he got bitched at because he was never going to grow up. "For gods sake Bob, you're 26, why do you act like a 5 year old all the time ect ".....

The next day or following day (I forget) I called Bob & we discussed what happened. That's when he told me about his GF being pissed off & pointed out what a bitch she was, she didn't even get a ticket ! He told me she said all the other folks who got busted with us saw us doing that & thought we were totally nuts & wouldn't come near us afterwards. But then the question came up, did I see anything when we were there or feel anything? I said well I don't know, I'm not sure if my eyes were playing tricks with me but I think I saw a very human looking dark shape walk across the path leading to the gate, they would be coming from behind where I was pissing at the spot the dude told us about. He said yeah, don't freak but I saw it too, what happened was I was chatting about something to him or the dude & was looking around & stopped mid sentence and was looking in that direction, so he looked where I was & saw the figure, but like me, wasn't 100% positive. Now we both were as we saw the same thing & do the same thing also. We also agreed that we really shouldn't go back there again after dark for a long time to let some time pass. Regarding our upcoming court date, i said I'm gonna plead no contest & see what happens.

(I am omitting the part about what happened in court, but we both got a $40 fine)

Since then Ive been back to the Grove 5-7 more times, all in the daytime. It's my understanding that its alot harder to go at night unless you have someone drop you off & pick you up. All the parking in the residential area is now private & tow trucks are ever so vigilant. Forget getting a mere parking ticket, you get towed & car impounded if it doesn't have a Midlothian city sticker on it. I doubt I'll ever go back there again at night but I can definitely say I'll go back there again during the day. I do havereason why I've not been there since 2006, afterwards I started getting the Grove stuck in my head, like an obsession. Like it was trying to tell me something, call me, I don't know but it kinda scared me so I decided to not go back as i didn't know if it was a warning or something. That feeling lasted for nearly a year but has since passed. I think I'm safe now. But also this, I haven't had any paranormal exp's there since then. I wonder if spirits are more active at night than during the day ?

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